Top 10 Laptop Masa Kini

Semalam baru Khai nengok I am Legend. Nengok kat MBO Cineplex Galaxy Ampang. Murah tiket kat situ. RM5 je itu pun my sis belanja. Even si Mael dah spoil cerita tu awal-awal kasitahu hero mati, tapi Khai still berlinang air mata. Lagi-lagi time anjing dia mati. Alahai. Ok lupakan pasal wayang, coz this Sunday Khai dah balik hostel. So, ini entri terakhir sebelum ke sana. So Khai nak kasitahu korang semua mengenai Top 10 Laptop dan juga Antivirus pada masa kini. Tapi rasanya Top 10 antivirus dalam entri akan datang la. Ok, Khai mulakan dengan perbezaan Notebook & Laptop dulu.

Perbezaan Notebook dan Laptop.
Notebook dan Laptop kedua-duanya dianggap sama iaitu sebuah Portable PC (mudah alih). Ramai yang anggap Notebook dan Laptop adalah benda yang sama cuma lain dari segi nama. Sebenarnya, ada sedikit perbedaan antara Notebook dan Laptop.

Notebook lebih ringan, jangka hayat bateri yang panjang, dan kebiasaannya mempunyai saiz skrin yang lebih kecil dan comel dari Laptop. Disebabkan saiz yang comel, Notebook bagi Khai sedikit menyusahkan kerana tidak dilengkapi banyak internal hardware. Semuanya external. Laptop pula mempunyai banyak kelebihan di mana ianya mempunyai DVD+RW dalaman yang selalunya tidak terdapat pada sesebuah Notebook. Pendek kata, Laptop sedia beroperasi sama seperti sebuah PC Dekstop. Nampaknya Khai sendiri dah silap tafsir selama ini. Ingat pakai Notebook, rupanya Laptop daa.. Tapi zaman sekarang ni, Notebook dan Laptop dah dianggap sama sebab Notebook pun ada yang dah pakai internal DVD+RW dan Laptop pula dah makin ringan dan bersaiz kecil. Keliru gila!

Source: Notebook Computer | Laptop Computer

Kita teruskan dengan Top 10 Laptop pada masa kini.

Apple MacBook Pro

Beautiful, sleek design; big, bright display; dual-core CPU; robust software package, including Mac OS X Tiger; illuminated keyboard and scrollable touch pad; DVD burner; built-in Webcam; remote control; can run Windows XP using Apple’s free Boot Camp utility.

Spesifikasi Penuh

HP Pavilion HDX

Massive 20-inch display; first system we’ve seen with the new Core 2 Extreme mobile CPU; pop-out remote control provides 10-foot interface; cool touch-sensitive controls.

Spesifikasi Penuh

Apple MacBook – black

Introduced in the fall of 2006, the current version of Apple’s 13-inch MacBook laptop was a revolutionary product, combining Intel’s Core 2 Duo CPUs with Apple’s much-lauded operating system. Add in Apple extras such as the iSight camera, Front Row remote, iLife software, and MagSafe power adapter, and you have what is arguably one of the best-loved laptops on the planet. Since then, Apple has been content to issue minor periodic hardware upgrades, which, while not all that exciting, continue to add CPU horsepower while keeping prices steady. The latest update, from November 2007, bumped up the top available CPU to a 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, and added Intel’s Santa Rosa platform and slightly better integrated graphics, resulting in a modest boost in performance.

Spesifikasi Penuh

Lenovo ThinkPad X61

This configuration of the Lenovo ThinkPad X61 is a 3.7-pound, ultra compact notebook computer. Compared to other ultra portable notebooks on the market, it is very inexpensive at around $1,025. Has only a 3.7-pound weight, which is considerably lighter than some similarly priced notebooks. By way of comparison, the typical cost of a product with this light a weight is $1,820. Also, this notebook has a Core 2 Duo processor, which is more efficient than some similarly priced notebooks. In fact, the typical cost of a product with this desirable a processor is $1,620.

Spesifikasi Penuh

Dell XPS M1530

The M1530, like the M1330 before it, is slightly wedge-shaped, going from 1.2 inches in the front to 1.5 inches in the rear. At a hair under 6 pounds, it’s a bit lighter than most 15-inch laptops we’ve seen, and the overall look is slim and attractive. A few color options are offered, although the only difference is in the back of the lid, which is available in black, white, or red. Our review unit had the matte-red finish (Dell calls it crimson red), which looks great and is the color seen in Dell’s ads and promotional materials. More color options (as with the current Inspiron line of laptops) would have been welcome.

Spesifikasi Penuh

Sony VAIO TZ150N

VAIO TZ 150 N/B is actually at the low end of Sony’s six preconfigured TZ models and lacks the solid-state hard drive of the $3,000-plus versions. Still, for more than $2,000, getting only 1GB of RAM feels like a bit of a rip-off. And although the dual-core CPU is a step up from the VAIO TX’s pokey yet efficient Intel Core Solo processor, the VAIO TZ150’s performance failed to impress, possibly weighed down in part by Sony’s penchant for bloatware. Still, for those with expensive tastes and strong sense of aesthetics, there isn’t an ultraportable laptop out there that matches the VAIO TZ’s industrial design. It’s desirable, head-turning, and carefully crafted–but somewhat shy of perfect.

Spesifikasi Penuh

Toshiba Portege R500

Perhaps the laptop we’ve been most looking forward to checking out this year, Toshiba’s Portege R500 is very close to the final word in ultraportable systems. Incredibly thin and light, it manages to squeeze a 12-inch display into a package even lighter than Sony’s 11-inch VAIO TZ150. While there have been some less expensive ultraportables we’ve liked recently (such as the Averatec 1579), both the R500 and VAIO TZ are premium products, with configurations ranging from $2,000 to 3,000, thanks to high-end options, including solid state hard drives. While the VAIO and the R500 have similar prices and features, there are trade-offs. We were disappointed by the lack of mobile broadband in our R500, but we also found it offered better performance than the VAIO (largely Sony’s fault for packing their system with enough bloatware to slow it to a crawl).

Spesifikasi Penuh

HP Pavilion dv9500t

With the new processor comes a new model name–Pavilion dv9500t–and a few smaller changes, such as the addition of a fingerprint reader and a different Webcam. The early version of the Pavilion dv9500t we reviewed also included a discrete graphics card and an HD DVD drive–two options that won’t be available for about a month. Without those high-end components, the HP Pavilion dv9500t costs a very reasonable $1,615, making it one of the most inexpensive entertainment-oriented desktop replacements on the market. Though high-definition fanatics and casual gamers will want to wait (and save their pennies) for the higher-end components to become available, we think the HP Pavilion dv9500t as it exists today is a good choice for home users who want their laptop to double as a mobile entertainment system.

Spesifikasi Penuh

Dell Inspiron 1720

The Dell Inspiron 1720 series consists of two models. The Inspiron 1720 is built around an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and (in the case of higher-end models) the new Centrino Duo platform, while the Inspiron 1721 trades Intel for an AMD Turion 64 X2 processor and chipset. Aside from processor choices, Dell is also offering color choices with the Inspiron 1720 series: if buyers don’t like the traditional white or black case, they can opt for red, blue, green, yellow, brown, or pink. We’ve seen colorful laptops before–most recently in the Sony VAIO CR series–but we’ve never seen a colored laptop with as many configuration options as the Dell Inspiron 1720 series offers. While many of the upgrade options–such as integrated WWAN or a Blu-ray drive–will surely push the price well above the $899 baseline, we think the Inspiron 1720 series will nevertheless appeal to home users who want a solid all-around laptop with a high degree of customization.

Spesifikasi Penuh

Acer Aspire 5920

The Aspire 5920 features Acer’s new Gemstone design, which includes a glossy black lid, a light-gray interior, and blue LEDs on the media controls. The case’s rounded corners and beveled edges give the laptop a soft look that’s somewhat like the design found on the HP Pavilion dv6500t. Despite its soft looks, the Aspire 5920 feels pretty solid, though the screen did wobble a bit on its hinges when we accidentally bumped our desk. Screen wobbles aside, the laptop seems likely to withstand a few hard knocks; however, with a 7-pound weight that nearly qualifies it for the desktop replacement category, the laptop isn’t likely to encounter anything more treacherous than your living room and the occasional stint in a laptop bag.

Spesifikasi Penuh
Source: Cnet dot Com & PC World

Pssttt: Maaf di atas kesalahan info sebelum ini. Oh, inilah Entri paling penat nak buat!

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Comment by IcedNyior
2008-01-04 06:35:38

Wanted: sugardaddy utk belikan I DSLR dan MacBook Pro.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Comment by Khai
2008-01-04 07:31:41

cepat2.. jgn berebut …. ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by hongkiat
2008-01-04 09:54:08

You’ve forgot Macbook ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Khai
2008-01-04 12:48:27

i’ll just add it!! tq bro

Comment by neutronics
2008-01-04 12:25:03

haha.. coreduo ngan turion64 bukan tip-top namanya.. kalau check kat price list, tu laptop2 murah je..

Comment by Khai
2008-01-04 14:13:55

sorry2.. ok ok aku dah update latest nye top 10.. ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by medic_khai
2008-01-04 13:04:37

insyallah aku akan dpt Sony VAIO SZ
x lama lagi …..
erMmM …..

kHai kO nya laptOp mcm kwN akunya jekk hahha
sbjik dowhh … hahha …..

Comment by Khai
2008-01-04 14:17:01

waa.. gile ar.. tahniah ar bro… hurm, ala nak wat camana, dah tersama.. hehehe

laptop khai tu bulan 5 ni nak masuk 2 tahun dah pun.. mmg gagah perkasa compaq.. seriously notebook ni dah tak tutup 4 hari… ๐Ÿ˜›

Comment by ayahsu
2008-08-01 01:09:19

salam.khai compaq mane ko pakai? series mane?
aku nyer prob la, f700 presario.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Khai
2008-08-01 19:53:38

Khai pakai Presario V2000. mmg awesome gile laptop ni.. banyak yg amat dah dia berjasa.. skang dah banyak dah presario V-series yg keluar.. masa khai beli dulu, V2000 ni la yg paling latest.. sadis2.. takpe ar.. tapi amat puas hati pada harga yg berpatutan..

Comment by syuxx
2008-01-04 17:37:50

wahh. compaq.

aku tgk mac nampak menawan lah.

Comment by deennasour
2008-01-05 04:36:28

yahooo!!!! laptop aku nombor 4 dowh!!!!
sapa kata laptop aku lenovo jenama cikai!!
hehehe,,memang keliru gila,,mana satu notebook mana satu laptop….gagaga

Comment by saWax
2008-01-05 14:15:10

alaaa… lenovo tp ko pnyer model aper??? hihihi.

Comment by Khai
2008-01-07 04:59:57

ntahnye! ahhaha.. jgn mara taw! gurau je..

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by deennasour
2008-01-07 19:20:10

aku punya tak le model tu,,
hehehe,,,saje jerk,,bangga adik beradik lenovo antara top!!
tau le pc o laptop korang mahal,,saje jerk,,hehe

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Mohd Ismail
2008-01-05 10:32:19

oh dang! ko nanges ye Khai? he he..

*teringin mau ada laptop sendirik… ;p*

Comment by Khai
2008-01-07 05:01:05

cam la ko x nanges mael.. aku kerat jari la kalo ko x nangis.. haha…

neway, jgn cakap yang ko skang ngah gunakan laptop jiran untuk berblog… oh my god!!

Comment by melayubuntu
2008-01-05 13:06:48

kalau korang baru nk bli laptop dan berkira2 yg mana bgs, aku rekomen macbook…korang xkan menyesal suatu hari nanti..siyess

Comment by Khai
2008-01-07 05:25:46

betul betul betul!! kata Upin n Ipin..

Comment by saWax
2008-01-05 14:17:42

laptop yg sejibik mcm ko pakai tu kan, member aku baru jer rosak board dier aritu. blom ganti lagi… kalu repair tuuu xtau laa baper hengget.

member aku yg lain laptop dier penah terkena hujan. air bertakung beb! huhu.. dier betulkan 1300 hengget.

Comment by Khai
2008-01-07 05:33:49

ape punye lalai daaa sampai bertakung air.. ehehe.. hurm, risau gak.. maklum la kalau gunakan notebook ni macam guna desktop, maklumnya pendek umur la…

pstt: nasihat khai pada diri sendiri.. ๐Ÿ˜

Comment by shadowX_19
2008-01-05 15:37:08

aku tak layan notebook dah skrg ni. layan pc je.. muahahha

Comment by Khai
2008-01-07 05:34:33

chait.. belagak nye budak!! [-(

Comment by syia
2008-01-07 15:00:05

macam mahal je smue2 pokai2 kalau beli.. kene la pkai laptop biase je

Comment by Khai
2008-01-07 16:50:51

hehe.. ye la.. ikut keperluan and kemampuan… beli HP compaq ke, HP ke… memang best!

Comment by azleah
2008-01-08 12:07:29

once i get that sony vaio, i’ll give my current laptop for free kpd sape2 yg memerlukannya hahahaha..

Comment by LILAC
2008-02-05 15:02:45

hi azlea do u mean that words. so have u got whta you wish for. cos i am interested to get free laptop…i really wish to have a laptop. so help me…

Comment by Khai
2008-01-08 12:57:50

wah, murni nya niat suci mu.. hehe.. tapi kalau i, baik i jual.. then beli barang2 baru dan best ntuk laptop baru tu..

Comment by mimi
2008-01-08 16:48:29

my laptop xde dlm senarai lah..haha..compaq presario..xkesah laa ade dlm list ke tak asalkan performance laptop tu memuaskan… ๐Ÿ™‚ trime kasih kerana menulis entri ini..kini ku tau ape beza notebook n laptop walaupun masih sedikit konfius

Comment by Khai
2008-01-08 17:16:29

hihi.. sama la .. khai pon compaq presario gak.. tapi compaq is HP.. HP is compaq… so no hal la.. haha…

kat mana kekonfiusan cik mimi lagi tu?

Comment by deennasour
2008-01-09 12:19:11

yang kat list tu yang mahal2 lagi berkualiti tinggi tahap dewa langit ketujuh,
yg dah ada tu,,kira ok le,,,syukur lee ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by Carleone
2008-02-09 10:15:15

i think the most important in laptop is the hardware not the BRAND NAME…example u buy acer rm2900,compaq rm2900,HP rm2900, toshiba rm 2900 the model which use the ati radeon or nividia ge force high bit graphic card card,processor u choose either amd or pentium and upgradable ram…also for other hardware..

but why fujitsu and vaio costing until rm 5000+ but only using a build in or on board graphic card?i really dissapointed for this….lot of users and buyers are confuse bout this especially the one only know how to use but dont have any background in laptop or PC knowledge…maybe becoz VAIO (NAME) Sony what..who cares..and FUJITSU..small,nice display,cute..and elegant..anyway..your decide….

Comment by Khai
2008-02-09 15:26:38

totally brillian opinion… yes, ada apa dengan brand.. tapi khai percaya, dia mahal ada sebab sendiri, bukan mahal sebab brand…

Comment by Carleone
2008-02-09 10:25:39

VAIO…girls like it…maybe coz the fancy colouring covers..and the name la of course…but for me..if i want to buy new laptop im not look for name…i look for performance…1st processor,2nd graphic card,3rd ram,4th hard disk,5th dvd rom & burner,6th other feautures of the laptop…bluetooth,webcam,wifi,2.0 usb port,card reader and etc…

psst..Khai isap okok dunhill…mai sebatang…

Comment by Khai
2008-02-09 15:27:55

oh damn!!! kantoi di situ.. haha… khai x hisap la rokok tu.. khai just jadi dealer rokok je kat area hostel tu.. tapi tu dulu la..time jahat… ngeee..

Comment by amexdimension
2009-11-15 21:34:53

mana acer aspire 4736g?? laptop ak nie power, grapic cun, wat keje leh men game sume pun boleh. Bohong je semua senarai nie. XP. g satu komen carloene tu ad betul gak. tlg la jgn tengok brand oi.. spec dia yg penting. bukan nk PROMOTE: belila acer 4736g gerenti x nyesal. waranti 3 thn, graphic cun fifa 09 cun bleh bwak DMC4 pendek kata kowg x nyesal la gamers yg nk laptop yg seyesly ad Umpphh!! beli la x caye. brand lain syoooh jauh2. :love:

Comment by Khai
2009-11-15 21:39:07

artikel di atas ni dipublish pada 4 January 2008. Dah nak hampir 2 tahun dah.. jadinya laptop2 terbaru mmg xde la dalam senarai.

insyaALlah nanti update yg latest dalam entri terbaru.

Comment by aina
2010-02-11 13:20:34

Salam.. bleh bg suggestion x laptop pe yang sesuai dibeli mse skang, model n brand.. suitable ngan harga.. xnak mahal sgt tapi yang penting ble tunjuk kt member, dieowg ckap canggih ar laptop ko…!! heehhe..
agakยฒ bpe kne budget? ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Don Brianstorm
2010-06-24 05:24:21

saya guna lenovo thinkpad R400. puas ati la gune utk hard programming…kalo bukak visual studio berejam2 pon tak panas…cuma hard disk je tak brpe laju (5400 rpm)..plan nak upgrade jadi 10k rpm & ram kasi tambah 8gb..tapi beribu2 gak la kena kuar ๐Ÿ˜€

thinkpad series ni tahan lasak (try search kat youtube)

Comment by rayban wayfarer
2010-07-16 01:46:45

budget nak angkat sebiji sony vio kena la korek tabung lepas ni

Comment by kareen
2010-08-04 17:37:07

Apa beza laptop dan notebook?
Jawapannya adalah laptop dan notebook adalah sama, bezanya cuma kebanyakan org Asia dan America memanggilnya dgn nama laptop, manakala org Eropah pula memanggil dgn nama notebook. Jarang org Asia dan America sebut Notebook dan jarang2 org Eropah panggil laptop. memang nk kena gelak..

Comment by ijat
2010-10-20 15:12:52

aku pakai sony vaio vpccw25fg..
dekat 10 bulan dah..
mmg tahan lasak..
time cuti sem..
pernah x shut down smpai 28 hari..
download movie dgn main game.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment by azizi
2010-11-16 10:25:58

aku just nak ckp yg sumber kau nie x tepat…yg aku tau byk lg laptop yg orang nak…top 2 dgn top 3 still laptop gaming pegang…jadi camne erk kau dpt sumber nie…korang pikir2kan la…
top 2 yg aku tau sill Alienware M17x pegang…tu je…

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